Charlotte Gould


  • The University of Salford and University of Brighton


  • Research Centre for Art and Design

Job Title:

  • Lecturer in Digital Media and Installation Artist



  • ISEA2016

    Through Charlotte Gould’s practice she explores the potential for open interactive installations in digitally mediated public spaces using urban screens. She has developed a number of mixed reality systems to prompt play and interaction across social and cultural boundaries. Gould’s interactive installations provide a framework with an environment that offers a visual context to prompt interaction, engagement and play on an international stage. She examines audience agency and opportunities for play, testing the boundaries of open systems, to offer opportunity for diverse audiences to co-create artworks through the development of unique narratives. Through Gould’s research she tests the potential for mixed reality environments on urban screens to promote public engagement and civic responsibility, looking at how this can impact on culture, changing the way we engage in the urban environment and contribute to a collective memory and sense of place.


    A Lecturer in Digital Media at the Research Centre for Art and Design, The University of Salford, UK. She has developed a number of web-based interactive environments that explore user identity and the notion of a floating narrative. user virtual environments. She has undertaken illustration and animation commissions from a range of companies including the BBC and Manchester Art Gallery.


Current Location:

  • GB

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