“Chthulucene Hekateris” presented by Unknown presenters


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  • Immersion(s) (full papers)

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  • Chthulucene Hekateris

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  • Symbiotic Imaginaries




  • Isabel Stenger warns that we are facing the “intrusion of Gaia” where we have caused significant biogeochemical disruption “capable of threatening our modes of thinking and of living for good”. Through my practice-based research I speculate on a possible future to prompt action to trigger change in how we live, our patterns of consumption, the way we see ourselves in relation to our environment and our respect for and interactions with nature for a sustainable future. Amitav Ghosh proposes that science fiction provides an ideal opportunity to explore our relationship to the world past and present to imagine the im-pacts that living on our planet today will make on tomorrow. Through my research I develop narratives based on speculative imaginings of the future, considering current scientific research, advances in digital technology and environmental factors, to imagine future evolutionary change that will take place if we continue on our current trajectory of global warming. I specu-late on the interactions and interconnections, the transformation of complex systems and organisms leading to new patterns of cellular composites of material and virtual worlds, where biotic and un-biotic beings inhabit a posthuman fusion of humans and machines.