Diana McCarty

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  • ISEA1997

    Diana McCarty is an American who lives in Budapest where she is a member of the Media Research Foundation which organized the MetaForum Conference Series. Her recent projects include organizing the Remote C and Syndicate Net.Shop projects at the Am Electronica Festival; co-moderating the FACES mailing list for women in media, with Kathy Rae Huffman and Cornelia Sollfrank; co-editing the Nettime readers -ZKP-; co-found­ing NICE, (Network Interface for Cultural Exchange); and par­ticipating in the Hybrid Workspace at Documenta X in Kassel. Future plans include establishing Nettime.hu with Gabor Bora,Geert Lovink, Agnes (vacs, Pit Schultz and Janos Sugar. McCarty has participated in the Next Five Minutes conference in Amsterdam, Cybeifonf 5 in Madrid, Art + Communication in Riga, Anti with an E in London, and Beauty and the East in Ljubljana. Prior to moving to Hungary, McCarty was the Director of the Southwest Film Center, a member of MeChA, and participated in the National Association for Chicano Studies Conference in San Jose, and the National Chicano Students Conference in Albuquerque. Diana McCarty gradu­ated from the University of New Mexico in 1993 with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography.


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