Paradigm Shift Interruptus: An Anecdotal History of Hungarian Media


Session Title:

  • Social Theory and Electronic Media

Presentation Title:

  • Paradigm Shift Interruptus: An Anecdotal History of Hungarian Media



  • The new, unprecedented media, is a product of the combi­nation of technical progress and a booming specialization, because of this it has no cultural references, past or history of any kind. The avant-garde has the tradition of radical use of (any) established media, and this experience (the so-called didactic message of the avant-garde) appears in the usage, testing and research of the new media. Looking for and charting the borders, finding a limitless self-expression —the avant-garde discipline of total compe­tence, vital in the days of global symbiosis and the grow­ing complexity. In the medialized public world, the research (browsing, surfing) becomes the symbol of exis­tence — the subversion becomes the obligatory tool of per­ception. The role of art in the net just begins to open up new ways and possibilities and the culture follows; tries to manifest in a didactic way the unused possibilities. It is didactic as the classical avant-garde was didactic: it edu­cated the cultural perception.The culture functions always as a blueprint for an information society: context is the content (wrong context = no contrast, new context = content)… in other words, to shuffle the information until it finds the biggest contrast — to be efficient.