Diane Gromala


  • New Media Research Lab

Job Title:

  • Director



  • ISEA2000

    Diane Gromala [& Jay David Bolder] have been trying to bring together the practical and the theoretical in their own work and pedagogical practices. Diane Gromala examines so-called critical art and critical technology practices, as well as attendant pedagogical strategies Jay Bolter’s historical study, conducted with Richard Grusin, argues that new media refashion or ‘remediate’ earlier media. Through their own work and class-room trials, they will suggest ways in which seemingly abstract historical and critical theories might have a practical influence on new media design and pedagogy. Art Gallery Chair for SIGGRAPH 2000.


    Diane Gromala is Director of the New Media Research Lab at the University of Washington in Seattle. She teaches cross-disciplinary courses in New Media. Her most recent VR research is with the Human Interface Technology Lab.


Current Location:

  • Canada, CA

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