“Better Than Opiates” presented by Gromala, Song and Barnes


Session Title:

  • Augmenting Reality

Presentation Title:

  • Better Than Opiates




  • To assume that immersive “VR is dead” is premature. It belies a lack of cultural, historical and technological knowledge, or signals the peculiar foggy hangover that results from a common conflation, frozen in time – entanglements of a giddy technological imaginary with attendant utopian and distopian visions, disappointments born of early technophilic hyperbole and the twinned forces of technological imperatives that march arm-in-arm with knowledge regimes that privilege the always-ever-new (Lyotard, 1985).
    Although research in VR has waned in the realms of Computer Science and Interactive Art, a diversity of other disciplines have quietly but significantly expanded its scope and everyday use. Further, ideas derived from early work in VR continue to inform other practices in ways that remain invisible and under-examined.

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