“At the Edge of Dream World: Media Encounters in Architectural Venues” presented by Davenport, Agamanolis, Bradley, Paradiso and Spitzer


Session Title:

  • Electronic Communication/Collaboration

Presentation Title:

  • At the Edge of Dream World: Media Encounters in Architectural Venues



  • The Dream Machine is a new collaborative work currently under development by the Interactive Cinema Group at the MIT Media Lab. The project forms a highly-distributed narrative presence which spans and interconnects three widely different modes of presentation: the World Wide Web, a network of pagers, and large-scale multimedia installations situated in “live” architectural spaces.
    The Dream Machine uses the techniques of cinema, theater, and architectural space design to improvisationally craft a playful, lyrical, emergent story experience in close collaboration with its audience of”co-actors.” Interpersonal communications are enhanced as participants (individuals and groups) shape and navigate their way through personalizable, information-rich environments and dynamically adaptive, emergent stories. Social and narrative meaning emerges through interactions with:
    •    interesting transcultural characters;
    •    personal dream submission, processing, and presentation;
    •    information ecologies, geologies, and geographies.

    In this paper, we focus primarily on the purpose, structure, technology, and content of the live sites. Arrays of sensors alert the system to the presence and activities of passers¬by; large-scale rear-screen projections and sophisticated audio respond dynamically to the signals from these sensors, orchestrated by Isis, a new media scripting language.

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