Haru (Hyunkyung) Ji

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  • ISEA2020

    Haru Ji is a media artist and co-creator of the research project “Artificial Nature”, exploring the subject of life in art through artificial life worldmaking: a form of computational generative art creating and evolving virtual ecosystems as immersive environments. She holds a Ph.D. in Media Arts and Technology from the University of California Santa Barbara, an MFA and BFA from Seoul National University, and studied image engineering, computer graphics and 3D animation at Chung-Ang University, both in Seoul, Korea. She is an Assistant Professor in the Digital Futures and Digital Painting & Expanded Animation programs at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada, and was previously Assistant Professor of Art & Technology in the School of Consilience at Sogang University in Seoul, Korea. Her computational installations, digital sculptures, virtual architecture, video installations, sculptural objects and 3D animations have been shown in art festivals, conferences, and venues including SIGGRAPH, ISEA, EvoWorkshops, La Gaite Lyrique, ZKM, CAFA, MOXI, the AlloSphere, and Seoul City Hall, and recognized in the 2015 VIDA Art & Artificial Life competition and the 2017 Kaleidoscope Virtual Reality showcase.


    Haru Ji is a media artist exploring the subject of life in art through artificial life worldmaking. She holds a Ph.D. in Media Arts and Technology from UCSB, USA, and is an assistant professor in DPXA & the Digital Futures programs at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada.


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  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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  • Santa Barbara, California, US
  • KR

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