“Infranet” by Artificial Nature

  • ©2018 - ongoing, Graham Wakefield and Haru (Hyunkyung) Ji, Infranet



Artist(s) and People Involved:


Creation Year:

    2018 - ongoing


    Generative artwork

Artist Statement:

    Can data form a habitat for life? “Infranet” is a generative artwork–installed in three international cities since 2018–in which a population of artificial lifeforms with evolutionary neural networks thrive upon open geospatial data of the infrastructure of the host city as their sustenance and canvas. The found data grounds an unbounded, decentralized, open-ended, and unsupervised system in which non-human beings flourish by learning, discovering, communicating, self-governing, and evolving. Born curious, they form spatial networks through which associations spread in complex contagions.

    Artificial Nature is a family of interactive artworks by Haru Ji & Graham Wakefield spanning fifty international exhibits since 2007. These installations invite humans to become part of biologically-inspired complex systems through immersive mixed reality, using computation to plunge deeply into what nature is and find our place within it.




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