Irene Eunyoung Lee

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  • ISEA2019 

    Irene Eunyoung Lee has been acting as a sound artist in South Korea under the pseudonym ARING. Over the course of a wide-ranging career, she has worked as a composer, producer, performer, writer, video artist, cognitive researcher, educator, and photographer. The artist endeavors to accentuate the spiritual-purificatory role of art by taking mundane existential stories of life as general and intellectual states, and maneuvering them into insightful ritualistic art practices through a serial project called the Sound Diary. Her creative, genre-disrupting, unconventional original works integrate a variety of artistic media, including music/sound, dance, movement, lighting, visual images, and texts, through performances and exhibitions. The author uses the components of music and various media formats to portray delicate occurrences in living a life (based on storytelling), being attentive to inner self and others. Behind each work is an extensive process of introspection and exploration, involving sketches of the endeavor through a series of written texts, tangible performances, and free-form sound organizations.

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  • Korea

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