“In Search of Holistic Spirituality: A Philosophy of a Physi-Musiking Practice” presented by Lee


Session Title:

  • Digital Body and Performance

Presentation Title:

  • In Search of Holistic Spirituality: A Philosophy of a Physi-Musiking Practice




  • Before the digital age, humans spent years in training to gain matured physical fidelity and versatility necessary to become professionals in music, which nowadays is often called the organization of sound. As the concept of sound art expands and becomes more diverse and inclusive of various practices and activities made possible through the technological advancements of our era, the organization of sound in artworks no longer necessarily requires time restrictions or physicality. We certainly don’t know how expansively this “between categories” genre will develop yet. This essay presents the background thought process, through social and cultural perspectives, behind an in-progress sound art project to create a paean and elegy of human mortality through a self-driven artistic composition. The self-termed PhysiMusiking practice led this artist to self-study a musical instrument and yoga movements. The journey of building new craftsmanship, by itself, is part of the experiment in unifying original auditory-visual expressions, somewhat similar to visual music. The multiple-year project was initiated in November of 2017 in Hong Kong with an announcement of the imprecise future schedule of three-tier, evolving stages leading to the final assembly in South Korea.