Isabelle Choiniere

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  • ISEA2002

    Isabelle Choiniere is choreographer, performer analyst and artistic director of Corps Indice, Isabelle Choiniere gives since 1994 stunning performances where living arts and electronic arts merge admirably together. Incontestable pioneer, Isabelle Choiniere explores the limits of the natural and the synthetic body. Her actual choreographic language integrates a reflection relating to time and space. By crossbreeding disciplines and questioning specific writing her artistic process creates emerging of new languages Her reflection and research about integrating electronic arts to the living arts had brought her invitations to give conferences in many international events. Communion, her first creation brought her to an extraodinary international radiance.


    Isabelle Choiniere holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Concordia University in Montreal and has been interested in the electronic arts since 1992. A choreographer, performer, analyst and art consultant, she explores the physical and psychic limits of the natural and synthetic body through a reflection influenced by living art and critical writing (or text).

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  • Montreal

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