“New Realities of the Body in Contemporary Performance” presented by Choiniere, Davidson and Pitozzi


Presentation Title:

  • New Realities of the Body in Contemporary Performance




  • This panel considers the new and multiple relationships of the senses and related perceptual and cognitive processes which characterize contemporary performance integrating new technologies. Focusing on the corresponding effects on corporeality, performativity and representation, it considers the sensori-perceptual deconstruction, reorganization and reconstruction involved when the body is “touched” by, interacts with, and “incorporates” the effects of technology. And, as these new approaches directly concern current research -creation and are expressed through collaborations, hybrid artistic approaches, new forms of interdisciplinarity and communities of practitioners, the panel will also consider the implications of this activity for existing networks of research-creation, looking at their specificity while examining how participants in these networks exchange, interact and collaborate.

    Keywords: New Technologies, Performativity, the Senses, Somatics, Perception, Cognition, Design, Embodiment, Research-Creation

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