Jihye Lee

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  • ISEA2019

    Jihye Lee is an interactive media experience designer and researcher. Currently she is working as a post-doctoral researcher in AI based AR/VR with UX design perspective, at the Mobile Cloud Computing Group in Aalto University, Finland. After completing PhD in Film and Digital Media Design in Hong Ik university in Seoul, she has published several journals in a field of convergence between AR/VR, design and UX design research including: Investigating Sociocultural Specificity of Mobile Augmented Reality (2017), Context-based Design Methodology For Augmented Reality Contents (2017), Augmented Reality and Art (2018), Multimodal based Storytelling Experience Using Virtual Reality in Museum (2018) and An Analysis and Directional Suggestion for Digital Cultural Heritage Education (2018). She has participated in several projects for smart city, and digital museum in Korea(2015-2017) and now design projects using AI based AR&VR in Finland (2018-).

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  • Finland

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