“Reasonable Weirdness: Integrating Machine Perspective in Visual Creativity” presented by Min and Lee


Session Title:

  • Creative AI

Presentation Title:

  • Reasonable Weirdness: Integrating Machine Perspective in Visual Creativity




  • Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a much more familiar topic to the public as a result of the several attempts at making a computer and a human compete in a specifically mental sport competition such as Go or chess. Moreover, since recently, issues pertaining to AI have become as important to artifact creation as issues relating to the concept or styles of paint are to painting. It is not that AI and art necessarily share goals, but much of the knowledge about AI and its methods can contribute to human creativity, especially art making. This paper reviews several recent works that examined these issues in the context of creativity and visual aesthetics. Throughout the literature review and case analysis, this paper investigates AI creativity from several examples and practically applies AI creativity to the visualization of music. This research work investigated the concept with the creation described below. The application visualizes the similarities and relationships of many audio chunks from a single audio track. From this visualization, it is possible to see how many audio events happened in one audio file. In addition, the chunks are heard as time series. Every audio file has different sonic events and feature distinctions. Each music file can have its own form and figure in this visualization. Ultimately, this research work brought together a collection of research results and practice experiences that together helped illuminate this significant new and expanding area. In particular, it is suggested that this paper points towards a much-needed critical language that can be used to describe, compare, and discuss AI in the context of creativity.