Margaretha Anne Haughwout

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  • Colgate University, Digital Arts, Assistant Professor

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  • ISEA2023

    Margaretha Haughwout, Assistant Professor of Art, Colgate University, USA


    Margaretha Haughwout, Assistant Professor of Digital Art, Colgate University, San Francisco/ Hamilton, NY, USA. I understand practice to be the work of trying over time to make one’s engagements better, and survival to require flourishing multi-species cohabitation, mutuality and care.My practice of survival works across many technical and natural media, often complicating the division between the technological and the natural, in the interest of mutuality and care. Experimentation both with electrical and political power, interactive narratives, and cultivation of biological systems are strategies that I use to this end


    Margaretha Haughwout is currently a Senior Lecturer at California College of the Arts, USA. Her new media art practice and pedagogy explore the implications of cybernetic worldview.


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  • United States of America

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