“Mediated Natures: Speculative Futures and Justice” presented by Drum and Haughwout


Session Title:

  • In Between the Cracks (panel)

Presentation Title:

  • Mediated Natures: Speculative Futures and Justice




  • The Mediated Natures – Speculative Futures and Justice panel (parts I and II) addresses the radical aesthetics of ecological arts practices, multispecies worldings, and possibilities for survival in this epoch many term the Capitalocene. Undoing modernity’s binary of culture
    and nature— which masks the hierarchy of human, subhuman, and nonhuman, and which fuels the engines of capitalism and colonialism —is of critical importance. Thus aligning with nonhuman others in resistance, revolution, and recuperation [1], panelists describe how their projects attempt socio-political acts of worlding through creative arts practices that have ties to new media, feminism, environmental justice, agroecology, science fiction, and/or citizen  science. Presentations fuse the political and the aesthetic and decenter the human in the more-than-human Capitalocene. Finally, panelists consider the ways that media, technology, and the speculative further, hinder or redefine one another when encountering nonhuman others.

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