Meredith Drum

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  • Arizona State University, _Professor


  • ISEA2019

    Meredith  Drum  is  a  research-based  artist   and   professor. She produces videos and animations as  single-screen  shorts  and multi-screen installations; in addition  to  her  solo  work  she often collaborates with other visual artists as well as  dancers, writers, urban planners, computer programmers, and scientists on book projects, public  art,  movement  research,  and augmented reality initiatives. Her work is influenced by feminist art history, cinema studies, environmental justice, feminist science studies, game studies, science fiction, multispecies anthropology, and contemporary visual culture.


    Meredith Drum, Arizona State University, US


    Meredith Drum is an interdisciplinary artist working with video, animation, installation, and various modes of public participation. Drum is an Assistant Professor in the School of Visual Art at Virginia Tech, USA


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  • United States of America

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