Mike Phillips

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Most Recent Affiliation(s):

  • Plymouth University and Institute of Digital Art & Technology (i-DAT) School of Art and Media


  • ISEA2013

    Mike Phillips, iDAT, UK. Mike Phillips is Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts, Plymouth University, School of Arts & Media, Faculty of Arts. He is the Director of Research at i-DAT, an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation, and a Principal Supervisor for the Planetary Collegium. His R&D orbits digital architectures and transmedia publishing, and is manifest in a series of ‘Operating Systems’ that dynamically manifest ‘data’ as experience to enhance perspectives on a complex world. He manages the FulDome Immersive Vision Theatre (IVT), a transdisciplinary instrument for the manifestation of material, immaterial and imaginary worlds and is co-editor of Ubiquity, The Journal of Pervasive Media.


Current Location:

  • Plymouth, United Kingdom

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