“The Practice of New Media Art: Sentience, Perception, Cognition, and Consciousness?” presented by Lichty, Thomas, Edmonds, Grant, Beloff and Phillips


Presentation Title:

  • The Practice of New Media Art: Sentience, Perception, Cognition, and Consciousness?



  • The practice of New Media Art: The roundtable will examine how new media art practice reframes our contemporary understandings of perception, cognition, and consciousness through a myriad of approaches. Innovation, accident, and crisis defined the perceptible qualities of new media artworks; invention, serendipity, and speculation catalyzed and altered the past, present, and futures of new media art practice. These practices – both individual and collective – frequently overlap with other aspects of art theory, curation, and exhibition. Perpetual increases in transistor density of integrated circuits drove artists working with digital technologies to revise their practices at an unprecedented rate. The roundtable speakers are participants in the development of the forthcoming Encyclopedia of New Media Art, volume 2 focusing on artists and practice. The provocations posed by the artists is to make sense from personal perspectives of what has driven their practice and its context within the evolution of Media Art. What were and are the achievements, failures, expectations, demands and dreams for art under the title of New Media Art. Each speaker will give a short presentation to identify key areas of focus that will stimulate the roundtable discussions. Discussion with Session Chair Patrick Lichty.