Pablo Gobira

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  • University of Minas Gerais, _Professor


  • ISEA2019

    Pablo Gobira: Professor doctor at Guignard School of Arts and Graduate Program in Arts at State University of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Research fellow and manager of Digital Preservation Services of the Brazilian Network at IBICT/ MCTI. Director of Laboratory of Front Poetics ( Editor and co-editor of the books: “The memory of digital and other issues in arts and museology” (2019); “Contemporary routes: realities of art, science and technology” (2018); “Multiple interfaces” (2018); “Post-digital features: technological art and culture” (2017); “Reflections on culture: digital books, artistic creation and contemporary reflections” (2017); “Jogos e sociedade” (2012); Walter Benjamin “Lado B” (2011) among others. Researcher of the groups: Archives Center Studies of Writers from Minas Gerais; Studies and practices of Digital Preservation. He works inn curation, creation and production in the field of relations between arts, science, technology and digital culture; as professor of frontier courses like Biological machine engineering (with professores from UFMG, UFV, UEMG and Newton Paiva); and as curator of biennial, exhibitions and artistic residencies. He is coordinator at Extension Institutional Program (UEMG): Rights to production and access to art and culture.

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  • Brazil

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