“The Exhibition Space through the Presence of Digital Games” presented by Gobira


Session Title:

  • Media Art, Landscape and Heritage

Presentation Title:

  • The Exhibition Space through the Presence of Digital Games




  • Keywords: Digital Games, Digital Art, Exhibition Room, Arcade 

    The purpose of this work is to think about the exhibition room (gallery) based on the presence of digital games. This proposal is a specific development of a research project that studies the exhibition space towards the presence of digital technology. In order to achieve the goal, we will focus here on the Interactive Space of Life Sciences (EICV), which is part of the Museum of Natural History and Botanical Garden of UFMG, in Belo Horizonte/MG. Specifically, this article discusses the exhibition space and its curation when digital games are shown in it. Considering that, we debate about the configuration of the contemporary exhibition space, bringing up the relation among art, digital games, technology and science.

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