Philippe Boissonnet

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    Phillippe Boissonnet was born in France (1957), he has lived in Montreal since 1985, and has taught Visual Arts at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres since 1993. He is presently directing a research group there, the UnitE de Recherche en Arts Visuels, which began working with holography in 1984. He has shown his works in international group exhibitions: in Canada, USA, Japan, Australia, France, Germany, Brazil, Finland, and Spain. He participated in ISEA92, ISEA94 and ISEA95. He had recent solo exhibitions at the Fundacion Arte y Tecnologia, in Madrid (1995), and the Occurence Gallery, in Montreal (1996). He received several grants from the Canada Arts Council, the Quebec Ministry of Culture in Quebec and the French Ministry of Culture for research and creation in holography and multimedia artworks.


    Born in Neuilly sur Seine, France, in 1957. Graduated in visual arts from the Fine Arts School of Angers, France (1980), the University of Quebec at Montreal (1983) and the University of Paris I-La Sorbonne (1988). He is presently teaching at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres, and lives in Montreal, Canada.


    Philippe Boissonnet was born in France (1957). After studying painting and drawing at the Fine-Arts School of Angers (France), he went to Montreal (Canada) with a graduate fellowship in 1981 and started to lecture in several universities from 1985. Presently professor at the University of Quèbec at Trois-Rivières, his drawings, holographic installations and copy art works have been shown in group and solo exhibitions in Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan and South America. He received production grants from the Canada Arts Council, the Quebec Ministry of Culture and the French Ministry of Culture.

    Philippe Boissonnet was born in France where he studied visual arts in Angers (Fine-arts school) and Paris (La Sorbonne). He migrated to Montreal in 1985 where he completed also his Phd (2013) in arts at University UQAM. Since 1993, he has been a full-­‐time professor of visual and media arts at the Université du Québec à Trois-­Rivières where he is leading a research group in arts (URAV). He received the Elisabeth Greenshields Foundation award (Canada, 1983) for his works combining drawing and photocopier images and he won the Shearwater Foundation award for Holographic Arts (1998) as well as the Hologram Foundation prize (2018) for his works incorporating light and holograms into installations.

    Boissonnet has been part of several artist‐in‐residency programs such as The Fringe Research Holographics Lab (Toronto, 1984-­‐1985), the Dirección Nacional del Antártico (Argentina, 2007) and the Center for the Holographics Arts/ OSU Pulse Laser Lab (USA, 2012), Atlier holographique de paris (2018).

    Since 1983 Boissonnet’s work has been exhibited in a number of group and solo exhibitions in Canada, United States, France, Colombia, Mexico, Colombia, Australia, Japan, and Europe. Most of his installative artworks encompass several forms of artistic expression: drawing, photography, sculpture, holography, video and interactive installations. His works are clearly reflecting an aesthetic of artistic hybridization (metissage). After a first main exhibition at the Musée d’art contemporain des Laurentides (2004, Qc, Canada), he presented an important selection of holographic and installative works at the Holocenter Vault Gallery (2014, LIC, New York). He leads also a photo-performance art practice since 2007. He participated In 2015, 2016 and 2017 to a collective performative project, called «Transparent Travel» (curators: The Two Gullivers), in different public spaces of Venice and of Manhattan (New York) using a plexiglass rolling suitcase, with an inflatable globe and a holographic optical film. In 2019, he exhibited in New York, Athens and Shawinigan (Qc, Canada)


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