“De Profundis” by Philippe Boissonnet

  • ©1990, Philippe Boissonnet, De Profundis
  • ©1990, Philippe Boissonnet, De Profundis
  • ©1990, Philippe Boissonnet, De Profundis
  • ©1990, Philippe Boissonnet, De Profundis


    De Profundis

Artist(s) and People Involved:


Creation Year:



    Two transmission holograms (WLT), seven tripods, Plexiglass and white paint


    Approx. 350 x 400 x 180 cm

Artist Statement:

    The ambiguity of holographic space symbolises intermediate time and space. It characterises that which is in a state of transition or transformation. When I employ the holographic medium, I seek to create a feeling of distance. White light transmission holography, with its rainbow of colours and transparent quality, allows me to more effectively explore the ambiguous and paradoxical relationships between natural and artificial forms. I wish here to emphasise the notions of fading, absence, fragility, emptiness and transparency.

    The hologram is lit in order to be viewable from both sides (as a reflection and a transmission) and in order that the front image (from transmission) is reflected four times in four acrylic sheets, in the receding distance, This gives a kind of animated sequence of a repetitive image in a sculptural apparatus. The viewer is invited to look all around and in between the tripods supporting the four reflectors. This is a self-portrait which is questioning my relationship — and human relationships in general —with technology: alienation or emancipation?

Other Information:

    Technical Support: Fringe Research Holographic Lab (Toronto) and Holographics North Lab (Burlington)