“Awareness of Limits (Galileo)” by Philippe Boissonnet

  • ©, Philippe Boissonnet, Awareness of Limits (Galileo)


    Awareness of Limits (Galileo)

Artist(s) and People Involved:


Artist Statement:

    This is a multicolor hologram with three levels of superimposed images that can be viewed separately or as simultaneous overlapping transparent image. The images are reconstructed in two different color spectrums by three lamps. The illumination of each image is controlled by the spectator, who walks into or out of a motion detection area located in front of the hologram (ultrasound system). The system divides into three zones:

    Zone 1: Outside the installation (blue-violet images)
    Zone 2: Inside the installation (average viewing distance). The images are green and orange.
    Zone 3: Inside the installation, but very close to the hologram. No lights go on. No images.

    The phrase “Nulle part” (nowhere) is superimposed over pictures of the planet. This phrase is semantically connected to other words engraved on transparent or black plexiglass. The other words are “ici” (here), “là” (there) and “ailleurs” (elsewhere). The textual and iconographic reading is both spatial and temporal, with a focus on polyvalent linearity, since the five words can be read in any order. The “Galileo” installation is in dialogue with my 1992 installation, “Gaia”, in a relationship that is at once in opposition and continuous to the mythological reference – an archaic vision of the universe – and exact science – the modern vision of the universe.