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    Robin Noorda (NL) started his study audiovisual design, photography and animation at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam) in 1978 and was admitted to the post graduate Rijks Academie (Amsterdam), but thrown out as his free lance career already took too much time. He continued with a study composition, minimal- and electronic music at the Centrum of Electronic Music studio (Hilversum), and internships at the Toonder Studio and the Dutch public television broadcaster NOS. In the 80’s he was designer and animator for the NOS (Dutch public broadcaster) and the pioneering animator of computer animation at Antics, the first CGI studio in the Netherlands. In 1986 he was co-founders of both the ‘Tropism’ art movement and his design and film company Morphosis.


    Robin Noorda, NL. Morphosis (moving media made to measure), Tropism Art & Science Foundation (art aiming at twisting perception). Creator of time based media projects like TV design, documentary, short film, animation, photography and art.


    Robin Noorda, Netherlands, artist, filmmaker, producer. Director of Morphosis

    SISEA (1990)

    Robin Noorda, NL. In 1984 he was the first Dutch animator to get involved with computer animation. With four creative colleagues (Gijs Bannenberg, Jeroen Buys, Adriaan Lokman and Léon Wennekes) he pioneered, designed, choreographed and animated the first computer animations in the Netherlands at the Antics Studio Amsterdam. In 1986 he founded his own company Morphosis with three of the Antics team. Morphosis grew to a leading position in TV design and computer animation in Holland and also produced for Belgian, German and some British broadcasters.


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