Robin Gareus graduated in 2002 in Physics at the University of Heidelberg,Germany and CERN, Switzerland after which he worked for two years as an engineer at Berkeley-Lab, California before switching to Multi-Media/FLOSS R&D in 2005, relocating to Amsterdam, NL. His professional experience since then ranges from consulting to hardware/software co-development, focusing on Research & Development for installation-art, life and open-web standards. Amongst others places, Robin worked or did freelance work at the Netherlands Institute for New Media Art, Mediamatic,the conference, V2 Lab, Kunst Univesitaet Linz and the San Francisco Art Institute. Robin is technical-director for various sound and film-productions and involved in and Joining the free-software-movement in the mid 90’s, he became the author of the renowned GNU/Linux applications and is known in the FLOSS community for running the portal since 2005 as well as co-organizing theLinux Audio Conference since 2009. Since March 2009 Robin teaches and engineers Media-Art at the CITU/ Paris  8 University, France where he emphasises  connected creation.