Yoshiyuki Abe

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  • Artist


  • ISEA1997

    As an Independent artist, Abe has received awards at Prix Ars Electronica (90,91,92), Eurographics (91,94) and Exhibitions at ISEA (90,92,93,94), Computer Kunst (92,94), ArCade (95,97), etc.


    Yoshiyuki Abe studied photographic engineering at Chiba University, Japan. After freelance activities in photography and film making, his computer graphics project, in both hardware and software, started in 1983. Exhibitions: ISEA’90, ’92,’93, SIGGRAPH’91, ComputerKunst ’92,’94 etc. Awards: Prix Ars Electronica’90,’91,’92, Eurographics’91.


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  • Japan

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