“Communication: Dawn” by Yoshiyuki Abe

  • ©1990, Yoshiyuki Abe, Communication: Dawn


    Communication: Dawn

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Artist Statement:

    In 1983, the quaternion images produced by Alan Norton shocked me with features that I had never imagined before. I felt I looked at the place I had to be. An unsatisfied photographer with real objects before the camera lens started `his computer-imaging project immediately.

    All works exhibited here were generated by ray-tracing algorithms and primitives of hyperbolic-paraboloids. Although we can define parameters such as colours, light sources, surface attrib-utes and so on, it is hard to predict the exact result — especially in abstracts provided by the complicated ray behavour. Many trial images are needed in order to create a work. In fact, I produce numerous images in this time-consum-ing process. Nevertheless, because it is capable of producing images we have never seen before, math-based imaging is the only method I use in computer graphics.