“Performance Practices in Electronic Dance Music in the 21st Century” presented by Gysman


Session Title:

  • In Between the Cracks (Short Papers)

Presentation Title:

  • Performance Practices in Electronic Dance Music in the 21st Century




  • The topic for this research paper examines the relationship between the human body and technologies used in live electronic music performances. By electronic music, it is proposed that any musical piece that claims to use sound produced electronically, electronic instruments such as synthesizers, or pre-recorded sounds. Performance of any piece of electronic music entails that it is constructed or produced on stage in front of an audience. By illustrating the aesthetics of early electronic music performance, it is easier to define what the performance aesthetics of the twenty-first century are.

    These early practices have informed the vast majority of twenty-first century electronic music performances despite their limitations. The human body is discussed in relation to the history of electronic music and the performance practices of the twenty-first century. There is an increasing importance in performers being present and a critical part of the performance. Their active presence on stage gives electronic music a new meaning in terms of performance. The ontology of performers is no longer merely as a vessel for the music, but there are elements of theatre, dance and other disciplines that performers integrate into their performance.

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