“An Interrogation of Space” presented by Anders, Jennings, Leftwich, Lichty, Little, et al. …


Session Title:

  • Other Panels

Presentation Title:

  • An Interrogation of Space



  • In a staged presentation representatives from several professions will make inquiries on the nature of space – specifically in the light of current media technology. It will include artists, architects, interface designers and theorists. They will be present both physically and via remote, Internet transmission. Space, represented by one of the participants, has been captured and tied to a chair. The darkened stage resembles an interrogation room lit by one bulb and a swiveling lamp aimed onto the face of the blindfolded prisoner. Two interrogators, a good cop and a bad cop, question Space’s character and complicity with Time, Culture and Media. Remote inquisitors ask-questions appropriate to their fields. Space responds in terms that are specific, yet elusive and ambiguous.

    Moderator: Peter Anders