Art-Science: Exchange or Bartering?


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  • Art-Science: Exchange or Bartering?



  • We have been able to build cathedrals by overcoming problems of thrust; in its early days photography was mostly a question of chemistry. Inversely, was it not a ‘poetic’ vision of Man’s place in the universe that inspired the Renaissance, opening onto an era where science and technology have triumphed? The history of our cultures is made up of exchanges between art and science and the mastery of the digital medium is clearly establishing itself in this perspective. But are these exchanges anything more than exchanges of good techniques between users of the same ‘object’? Does the researcher, who puts objectivity in the heart of his approach to universal knowledge, and the artist, who attempts to give his subjectivity universal range, exchange harmoniously, or more prosaically, barter? Cannot an exchange be made only when each of them steps out of his usual ways joining together simply to contribute to the meta-project of progression of the ‘conscience’?

    Moderators: Florent Aziosmanoff and Karine Douplitzky

    Panelists: Jean-Francois Colonna, Edmond Couchot, and Jacques Perriault.