“Artificial Life within a frame of metacreation on stage” presented by Cı̂rcu, Teles de Castro e Costa and Chen


Session Title:

  • Human Nonhuman Encounters and Distractions

Presentation Title:

  • Artificial Life within a frame of metacreation on stage




  • In order to investigate the possibilities of co-creation between performer and interactive virtual system, we have developed a scenic installation composed of two parts: the virtual environment and the interaction interface. We offer an analysis of our creative experience from the point of view of the artist researchers in the field of real-time generative synthetic image. Our results show that the creation depends on how the performer perceives the virtual system as well as how he perceives its influence on this system. The creative potential of the system depends on the mechanisms generated and implemented by the artist in a metacreation context and his interpretation of the interaction data. Our perspectives point towards the conception of a scenography-character.