“Arts Incubators: Cross-Sector Collaboration for Social Impact” presented by Ober and Spacek


Presentation Title:

  • Arts Incubators: Cross-Sector Collaboration for Social Impact




  • ZERO1: The Art & Technology Network is embarking on its 4th cycle of American Arts Incubator (AAI), an international creative exchange program. In partnership with the U.S. Department of State, AAI sends digital and new media artists overseas to collaborate with youth, women, and underserved communities to develop public projects addressing social challenges relevant in each location. Across 65 AAI projects in 13 countries, ZERO1 continues to refine its arts-based methodology for diverse groups of people to collectively explore and address social and environmental challenges in uniquely creative ways.

    Arriving to ISEA fresh from facilitating the 28-day AAI exchange in Colombia, Kate Spacek and Nathan Ober will share how the program works and why arts incubators are uniquely positioned to tackle our most complex challenges. The focus of AAI in Colombia is Inclusive Peace, and Kate and Nathan will share successes and lessons learned in the Colombia exchange, as well as how the participants used digital and new media art to engage the public around the idea of Peace for All. Nathan will discuss his work, with an emphasis on his AAI project and how the AAI experience has shaped his perspectives on art as a tool for social impact.