“European Media Art Network and European Media Artists in Residence Exchange (EMAN/EMARE) and SHARE!” presented by Zorn and Dunnewind


Presentation Title:

  • European Media Art Network and European Media Artists in Residence Exchange (EMAN/EMARE) and SHARE!




  • SHARE! brings together established key European media art institutions to develop embedded commissions in communities across Europe that work with, and for, audiences. These audiences will be targeted using segmentation data from each partner, to enable deep engagement with harder-to-reach groups. The artists (who will be chosen for their skills within digital and new media arts) will develop innovative commissions that will develop artistic digital capacity across the continent, resulting in extensive peer learning between arts professionals and creatives, transnationally. SHARE! incorporates partners of differing sizes and specialist areas to ensure that best practice is developed (and disseminated), and in doing so upskill the sector internationally. SHARE! has carefully designed programmes to create innovative art commissions, which are embedded within transnational European contexts. These programmes meet the three key Creative Europe Programme Priorities of: audience development, transnational mobility and digitisation.

    Legacy has been key to the success of EMAN, and SHARE! offers a chance to widen the benefits and learning from these previous projects in a structured and meaningful way. Artists, arts professionals, academics, existing arts audiences and underrepresented communities need spaces to collaborate and test new models. The digital shift has offered new opportunities to connect, consume and disseminate; SHARE! places co-creation as the key driver to empowering people across the continent and beyond to do this.


  • Partners: Werkleitz Gesellschaft e.V., FACT, StichtingImpakt, Bandits-Mages, LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, Kontejner, WRO Center for Media Art Foundation, WRO Art Center, RIX-C, HeK. Germany – UK – Netherlands – France – Spain – Croatia – Poland – Latvia – Switzerland