“Asuar Digital Analog Computer” presented by Burbano


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  • Latin American Forum III: Recent Histories of Electronic Culture in Latin America

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  • Asuar Digital Analog Computer




    In his book “La música electroacústica en Chile, 50 años” (The Electroacustic Music in Chile – 50 years) Federico Schumacher dedicates one chapter to introduce, describe and analyze the Asuar Digital Analog Computer: COMDASUAR, a personal computer dedicated exclusively to musical purposes built from scratch by José Vicente Asuar in 1978 in Santiago de Chile. At the end of that chapter the author writes the following about the composer and engineer:

    “Hopefully these lines that we have written about everything done by him during more than thirty years of work in our electroacoustic music landscape, will pay a fair and perhaps forgotten tribute, to the person who has done more than anyone for electroacustic music in Chile”

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