“Collaborative Commons: Latin American Interdisciplinary New Media Initiatives” presented by Rivera-Seguel


Session Title:

  • Latin American Forum II: Current Media Art Practice / Curators and Organizers

Presentation Title:

  • Collaborative Commons: Latin American Interdisciplinary New Media Initiatives




  • The development of the “Open Culture” social phenomena can be exemplified by initiatives such as the Open Source Software Development Community, Creative Commons Copyright Alternative Licensing, Fare Trade Cooperative Business Models, Crisis Commons Disaster Relief Web-Platform and Transition Social Network Initiatives (Ireland and the UK), to name a few.

    Most of these social movements have emerged via the implementation of peer-to-peer self-organizational models, facilitated via modern communication technologies and motivated by the lack of contextualized, effective and lasting solutions to local social inequalities and concerns. This presentation analyzes and comments on the organizational interrelationships of three Latin American cultural initiatives from the perspective of the above mentioned, emerging parallel Open Culture social movements.

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