“Memory, Love, and the Handmade in Interactive Data Installations” presented by Unknown presenters


Session Title:

  • Datum – Data (artist talks)

Presentation Title:

  • Memory, Love, and the Handmade in Interactive Data Installations

Presentation Subtheme:

  • Symbiotic Individuations




  • A deep dive into a new media arts practice built around the craft of scavenging for data emitted during acts of love and what it means to make digital artifacts on the web “handmade”.

    This talk presents a media arts practice intent on revealing data trails from various forms of common technology that embodies handmade and empathetic qualities. Thematically framing data as supplement to memory formation, intimate datasets are sets of data that encapsulates the inner self. The talk explores two works that use real-time data input to display visual output in artistic installation. The first work called Pulse of Anonymous Memories utilizes a live feed of a viewer’s heartrate to animate floating images of “anonymous memories”. The installation is made up of hanging fabric that is illuminated by projection mapped imagery that resembles holograms when in the dark. The second work called Handmade Dataset imagines making datasets between two people of memories as an act of love. The two works explore interactivity between people and their data while carrying out actions that are both tactile and require an empathetical exchange with themselves or another person.