“Focus Present.able: An image-based public presentation with the .able journal platform” presented by Unknown presenters


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  • (Re)invented Alliances (artist talks)

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  • Focus Present.able: An image-based public presentation with the .able journal platform




  • How can we account for practice-based research at the intersections of art, design, and sciences in ways other than text-based format?

    The traditional methodologies and forms for journal articles are not always adapted to research that explores sensorial and singular forms. Arising from this observation, the .able journal is designed as an innovative valorization of interdisciplinary practice-based research, thanks to image-based formats.

    A peer-reviewed journal, .able experiments with what academic publishing could be when stepping further than the conventions of traditional print publishing to explore the many alternatives and potentials presented by multimedia and multi-platform media, beginning with smartphones

    .able is a new multi-platform visual journal that publishes research at the intersection of the arts, design and science through images. It puts contemporary, environmental, anthropotechnical and socio-political issues into perspective and into images. Conceived on the initiative of the Arts & Sciences Chair of the École polytechnique, the École nationale
    supérieure des Arts Décoratifs – PSL and the Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation, it is published by Actar Publishers and supported by some thirty international partners.

    By providing access to free and distributed visual essays, .able journal multiplies the points of entry to address its content to peers but also to a wider public, and thus to foster dialogue between the research community and civil society

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