“Betaville” presented by Eirund, Teschke, Skelton and Koplin


Session Title:

  • Algorithmic Topology

Presentation Title:

  • Betaville




  • The Vision of Betaville – The new urban sculpture
    Our vision of the new urbanity is the smart city, a city where you wish to live in, a city of art, a city designed by its inhabitants, for their dreams and their daily life. Betaville is a tool for the next step in such a mass participatory urban design and development reality. We have been inspired by connecting the idea of participatory design with social dynamics using the web, offering a mass player infrastructure for cultural expressions of live, architecture, city-textures, urban art, live-style, from group-design to ecological living. Our goal is to offer a mobile-stationary AR environment for smart cities – or such where citizens would like to change it into one. The Betaville system allows the participation of citizens and local groups in the local urban development from a very early stage on. We develop different types of interactivity and access, that accumulates the engagement of users to an new sort of urban sculpture.

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