“Bio-Creation of Informatics: Rethinking Data Ecosystems in the Network Economy” presented by Alzate and Ramakrishnan


Session Title:

  • Bio-creation of Informatics Panel

Presentation Title:

  • Bio-Creation of Informatics: Rethinking Data Ecosystems in the Network Economy




  • Enabled by leaps and bounds in the evolution of the information society, ‘data’ has become the most important economic resource of the networked economy, that is mediated by the co-located and instantaneous access, dissemination and sharing of information amongst people across vast distances. Central to these various transactions that occur in our network culture, there exist numerous policy propositions that seek to regulate the archiving, access, sharing, use and dissemination of data. These policy propositions are often enforced upon users, instead of being an organic creation of the very participants of the network. Furthermore, the design of most policy recommendations that have deep socio- economic and political implications have been restricted to reflecting the views of legal scholars and members of the technology industry, giving little or no room for a larger public discourse that is fuelled by trans-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder approaches. This panel seeks to explore how transdisciplinary creative art and design media practitioners can address the context of data ecosystems to re-imagine them and at the same time engage members of the general public to reflect and contribute to a larger inclusive discourse that may re-shape public policy surrounding data ecosystems.

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