“Break Out Session 1: Connecting New Media Art Archives” presented by Mitchell and Searleman


Session Title:

  • Summit on New Media Art Archiving: Break Out Sessions

Presentation Title:

  • Break Out Session 1: Connecting New Media Art Archives



  • There are many archives in the field of the electronic or new media arts. For an inventory-in-progress see isea-archives.org/other_new_media_art_archives. Some only collect data, others aim at preserving art works. Practically all are struggling to keep their head above water. Major musea seem not really aware of the need to preserve this modern cultural heritage. The way forward seems to be to unite, not just as seperate organisations, but by connecting the archives. Subjects to be discussed include:

    Connecting with libraries
    Classification; need for non-standard classicification
    Different objects, models, keywords, unique form
    Search engines
    Metadata standards for new media
    Curating – always a critique when classifying
    Network of archives – one central place that may connect to each archive
    A non-central node-based system similar to the internet
    Worldwide Consortium – where organisations with archives meet on a regular basis
    Creation of an API
    Data export – comparison
    Ownership issues. Legal, funding, ego
    Standards – fields, taxonomies and metadata – the ontologies
    Citizen Science approach – participatory development
    Information architecture – overall analysis of diff archives.
    Different standards
    Different technologies and platforms
    Role universities, organisations, governments, major musea
    Library of Congress (USA)