“Mimesis: A New Laboratory for Immersion, Interaction and Previsualisation” presented by Breuleux


Presentation Title:

  • Mimesis: A New Laboratory for Immersion, Interaction and Previsualisation



  • Aimed squarely at the intersection between visual effects, video games and interactive media, NAD-UQAC’s postgraduate program in digital design offers an ideal environment for peering into research-creation practices. The Mimesis laboratory – founded by professors Yan Breuleux, Benoit Melançon and Louis-Philippe Rondeau – focuses itself on the complex relation between illusionary technologies and narrativity. The primary goal of the laboratory is to explore issues involving immersion (experiential design, narrative environments), interactivity (interactive and installation-related design) and previsualization (strategies concerning the materialization and prototyping of ideas). In the context of ISEA’s symposium and the presence of the digital arts community, the official launch of the Mimesis laboratory of NAD-UQAC will be followed by a discussion, where members of Mimesis will be available to answer questions and address comments.