“Can machines predict our future?” presented by Diaz


Session Title:

  • Mental, Hallucinatory and Predictions

Presentation Title:

  • Can machines predict our future?




  • Based on the notion of the Datacene, understood as the time when data directly affects the social, cultural, economic, political, and even affective structures of the present. In this article we propose how Big Data and Artificial Intelligence give rise to the Internet of Behavior; a new technological paradigm that has incredible potential to induce human behavior. Since ancient times, human beings have always wanted to predict and alter the future, but in the last ten years, this wish is beginning to become a reality thanks to great recent advances in the field of social engineering, raising serious doubts about social control and the loss of freedom. In this context of analysis, we present two projects developed within the framework of ACTS. Data Biography shows the enormous amount of digital traces that we generate daily and composes, from them, the biography of a person. On the other hand, Machine Biography investigates how current artificial intelligence techniques can predict and induce future human behavior. Both projects invite us to consider from a critical perspective the present and future of the social transformations produced by Big Data and AI.

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