Can Non-anthropocentric Relationships Lead to True Intimacy with Technology?


Presentation Title:

  • Can Non-anthropocentric Relationships Lead to True Intimacy with Technology?




  • Panel Statement (abstract):

    “When we change the way we communicate, we change society”. This panel aims to provide audience with a context to understand how social media technologies and the daily updating of the self is challenging our preconceptions of screen-based ‘Internet’ communication and influencing the development of our cultural/ personal identity(s) and sense of self. It will explore the use of portable; individual; personal; non identical; devices and their impact to our current lives through the present innovative communication apps. The panel would question whether being intimate with technology, in a non-anthropocentric way could provide new critical reflections on the self and how gender stereotypes will form the Internet of Bodies and the future human / machine directions.

    Individual presentations:

    • Anastasios Maragiannis – Texting a Machine: Assembling an emotional response


    Existing research into contemporary machines, or in other words ‘robots’- captivating through a more humanoid oriented definition- generally complexes on a superficial unknown exploration of human senses and communication practices

    • Stacey Pitsillides – Can non-anthropocentric relationships lead to true intimacy with technology?


    The concept of human machine communication is a theme that has driven the plot of many sci-fi scenarios. It is a powerful overarching narrative, which allows us to question as an outsider, some of the most fundamental principles of what it means to be human. This includes but is not limited to our personal ethics, our political systems and our social interactions

    • Janis Jefferies – Closer and The Nether: the end of intimacy as we once knew it


    In the mid 1990s, when access to the internet was on the rise, there were many debates about on line interaction carried out in Internet Relay chats or chat rooms (and Multi User Domains). The second, and the one hand there were some who celebrating the fantasy and pretense of role-play partly because it was faceless and any identity could be chosen.

    • Ghislaine Boddington – The Internet of Bodies – future human / machine choreographies


    Today’s world of connectivity between humans and objects of all kinds – virtual and physical – is extending rapidly, as the experimental and pioneering work of pre millennium artists and creative moves into mainstream debate, development and usage.

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