“Chemical Skin: Computer Numeric Controlled Craftsmanship (CNCC)” presented by Klein and Yin


Session Title:

  • Hybridisation and Purity (Long Papers)

Presentation Title:

  • Chemical Skin: Computer Numeric Controlled Craftsmanship (CNCC)




  • ISEA 2018

    Most 3D printing technologies excel in delivering geometric complexity, functionality and part precision. Yet, most are not designed to adequately articulate the surface of 3D printed elements with complex patterns, motifs, or colouration. The problem of synthesis between form and surface reaches back to the first forming of clay vessels and the added surface articulation as glazing after the firing of the clay form. In the long history of Chinese ceramics, craftsmen were able to balance an intricate knowledge of material reactions, form, and glazing during the firing process with curiosity and the will to innovate.

    This paper presents the results of our investigation into transferring this ancient craft – it combines scientific, historical, cultural and technical considerations to analyze and reflect on the digital making process of a glaze for 3D printed objects. Through an experimental, yet inclusive interdisciplinary research method using a combination of material experiment as well as catalogue and design application, we created an index of suitable chemical reagents and developed robotic and software tools for their application on 3D printed surfaces. The resulting digital craftsmanship is able to extend the repertoire of today’s digital working artists and designers.

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