“Colliding Systems: Formal and Real-Life Learning” presented by Nigten and Piscaer


Session Title:

  • Education and Community

Presentation Title:

  • Colliding Systems: Formal and Real-Life Learning




  • In this paper the authors analyse the incompatibilities and collisions that occurred when they tried to implement their real-life learning insights and experiences from transdisciplinary practice in the regular western education programmes for higher education and Vocational Education and Training (VET)The analysed case studies share an interest in transition issues in urban environments. The issues at stake were considered to be complex and were approached according to an artistic, designerly and participatory way of working. All projects had an innovative scope and thus an open ending or unknown outcomes at its starting phase. The case studies (interim) outcomes and its obstacles and challenges, that the authors and their collabo- rators encountered in the respective learning processes, were shared and weighted in a series of meetings and workshops with teachers, teacher/artists, teacher/designers, students and laypeople. Besides these feedback sessions and workshops the outcomes of the case studies are complemented with literature studies. The authors conclude  this part of their research with a discussion and suggestions for future research to bridge the experienced systematic or paradigmatic obstacles and future research.