“Corresponding Wood Tools: Speculative Fabulations of Material Correspondence in Woodworking” presented by Sherman and Nitsche


Session Title:

  • Aesthetic Experience and Speculation

Presentation Title:

  • Corresponding Wood Tools: Speculative Fabulations of Material Correspondence in Woodworking




  • The rise of materialism questions the position of humans in relation to their surroundings. We engage craft practices as rooted in material encounters that directly affect crafters on various cognitive and physical levels. In these encounters, the crafter’s body is also material which interacts on its own terms. The body’s condition, and the material-at-hand act and correspond with each other. We argue that this contact is an in-the-moment material one, a shared moment of production and becoming. Based on this theory of material encountering, this paper presents the Corresponding Wood Tools project as “speculative fabulations” exploring the ways in which this correspondence can be made visible. It argues for re-shaping the encounter in woodworking to allow new reflections on shared themes, such as care and collaboration.