“The sonic body: creating embodied sonic performances within an extended reality context” presented by Gordon


Session Title:

  • Aesthetic Experience and Speculation

Presentation Title:

  • The sonic body: creating embodied sonic performances within an extended reality context




  • This paper presents “The Sonic Body”, a research-creation project conducted between May-September 2021 that studied methods of creating embodied sonic performances and installations within an extended reality (XR) context. I explain two prototypes created for the project, outline the strategies I used and rationale behind the design choices, and summarize the results of my research. The prototypes explore contrasting methods of engaging with sound in an embodied way: one employing the use of head-mounted augmented reality (AR) and the other muscle sensors and material interaction. As my methodology relied on a self-reflexive approach, I focus on my personal experience as an artist designing these prototypes. Two research questions guided this project and inform this paper: How can new types of interactive audio affected and enhanced by bodily movement and gesture affect the experience of listening and connection to the environment? How can such interactive listening systems be designed to better encourage this sense of connectedness? Ultimately, this paper showcases “The Sonic Body” project, conveys the findings of the research questions from the research results and offers insight into how AR and muscle sensing technology might be used to create a real-time, embodied sound art installation and performance.