“Curatorship and New Media: Possible Dialogues” presented by Arantes


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  • Design, Art, Science and Technology

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  • Curatorship and New Media: Possible Dialogues




  • Keywords: Curatorship, New Media, Digital Culture, Exhibition, Contemporary Art

    One of the discussions related to contemporary curatorial practices focuses upon the impact of new media and digital media in the formats and exhibition circuits. In addition to only exploring curatorships that showcase digital media art projects, what interests us in this article is to investigate how certain characteristics of media culture – such as collaborative processes and networking – are present in current curatorial practices.Examining this premise, we divided this article into two parts. In the first, we conducted a small curatorial history to show how the curatorial procedures have been adapted to the changes occurring in the field of contemporary art. In a second part, we use as a study case the curatorial projects developed by the Paço das Artes such as the Livro-Acervo, MaPA and Ex-Paço.

    The principle of curating, as we know, is linked to museums, which in turn refers to their origin in the cabinets of curiosities. The obscure Wunderkammern began to emerge in Europe during the Renaissance. They were collections of zoological, botanical, and archeological objects, historical and ethnographic relics, paintings and antiques. Unlike traditional museums, however, which have among their responsibilities the documentation, organization, and arrangement of objects in accordance with a filing methodology aimed at the conservation of artifacts for future exposure, cabinets of curiosities lacked the concept of cataloging.

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